Saturday, January 3, 2009

Planes and Buses!

Porter visited MA for Christmas. After waking at 4am to catch the Michigan Flyer, his flight on Dec 19th was canceled due to the snowstorm (which traveled from MI straight to MA). He then spent all day in the Detroit airport trying to find a new flight. Finally, he did make it to MA that evening (after multiple encounters with security....a boy's gotta pee!). Unfortunately, with all the flight switches he had to go through, he ended up in a seat without much leg room. And after all this the flight that was supposed to be 1hr stretched to almost 5 what with de-icing in Detroit and then circling Boston. The poor guy still did really well! 'Mom' can't stop bragging about what a good boy he is.

After one last roll in the muddy stream in MA on Dec 30th, Porter was ready for the return trip home! This flight, he had a little more time to enjoy himself and wasn't so stressed. So he carefully logged waiting for the plane, then waiting for the bus in the Detroit airport (of course Bill was there too! This boy doesn't go anywhere without his stuffy!).

Porter can't wait to share more pictures of his Christmas adventures! SOON!

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